Tell us a little about yourself and your kennel.

Grew up in Alaska out around Yukon river, Fairbanks/Anchorage, got into dogs in my senior year of high school. My kennel consist of 30 dogs, most I've raised and harness broke myself. We mainly tour and race as well as use my guys out on the trapline and some hunting with them.

What introduced you to dog mushing? What was your first experience like?

Well my father was a musher out in the bush on the trapline and my brother drove dogs with him, so I decided to be a dog driver. Also being around the old timers and hearing their stories made me want me own team.  My first experience was three dogs no leader and a bunch of tangles, just putted around the river. Then that winter I got to drive a team of retired dogs out in the village of Galena that had ran the Iditarod, man you could drive those dang dogs like a snow go. That experience right there set lay the foundation.


Describe the dogs on your team. What about them do you enjoy the most?

Well their  bloodlines are mainly Earhart /Mackey/Swingley .  What I enjoy the most about them is well they're just a bunch of good mutts. 

What does your training regimen look like? How long are you on the trail with them?


We are a distance kennel, I believe in that each run the dogs most learn something, you're not just throwing miles at them, dog not gonna learn anything. We can be on trail for 2 days at the most.

What do your dogs do in the off season?

Well mainly hang out, go on hikes. If it's cool enough hook up a team and do a slow run for a mile or so. As well they hang out with my dad and I at fish camp.

What has been your most memorable experience as a dog musher?

When I lost my main leader I had for training my very first litter. So I stuck two pups at the time that showed some interest in lead, they took off out of the yard like champs . Couldn't of been more proud of them.

What’s your advice to other mushers?

First piece of advice my pops gave me was, "patience, you must have patience or you ain't worth your salt as a musher." The dogs also feed off of you, if you're not happy, they're not happy. No matter how hard it is you got to stay positive.