Insulated Dog Houses: Are your dogs warm enough?

By Greg Sellentin
"There are many factors that contribute to a well cared for dog or dog team and warm, dry housing is one of them." Read more


Nutrition: Dog food, what's in the bag?

by Mushing Magazine
"The FDA requires that “pet foods, like human foods, be pure and wholesome, safe to eat, produced under sanitary conditions, contain no harmful substances, and be truthfully labeled." Read more


Physical Therapy isn't just for Humans Anymore

By Linda M. Snyder
"Through the process of evaluating and developing an appropriate treatment plan, animal physical therapy utilizes techniques from human physical therapy that have been adapted for animals." Read more

Dog Yard Basics

“For people who are not familiar with sled dogs yards and how they are set up it can seem quite peculiar.” Read more

On Feeding: I know what dogs like

“We freeze it in sheet pans, to be sliced into small chucks with the ban saw. Then package it to use while racing; much the same way a musher might cook and package their favorite meal to eat on the trail for the comfort of ‘home cooking’.” Read more


Tethering your dog is a ‘good thing’ when properly done

“We will make a case here that generally keeping dogs on chains, given that they get proper daily exercise off the chain, is not only reasonable but actually better for at least working dogs.” Read more


UKC Position on Tethering

“…Sled dogs are often housed on tethers as opposed to kennel runs. However, these dogs are working dogs and are regularly exercised and trained OFF the tether. Comparing their situations to neglected dogs is apples to oranges, and any proposed tethering laws should be reflective of that..” Read more

The Scoop on Poop

“To minimize the build up of waste and keep our kennels area clean, a composting program was established.” Read more

Hero image by Ari Sigglin